Examination and Academic Levels

Pegasys Home Study have materials suitable for a range of age groups, abilities and different exams.

Primary covers the first stage of education, from around 5 years old up to around 12. Materials for the Primary level will also suit older beginners, for example learners of English as a foreign language (EFL).

The Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) have 5 levels of Broad General Education (BGE) consisting of:

  • Early Level (pre-school up to Primary 1)
  • First Level (up to the end of Primary 4)
  • Second Level (up to the end of Primary 7)
  • Third & Fourth Levels (covering S1 to S3, that is, the first three years of Secondary school)

National 4 and National 5 are current SQA levels equivalent to the old Scottish Standard grades, normally sat in S4 or S5

Higher and Advanced Higher are the top level of exams in Scottish schools, usually sat in S5 or S6, giving pupils the qualifications necessary to go on to further study at colleges and universities.


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