Textual Analysis English Pack 3

The purpose of TEXTUAL ANALYSIS is to encourage students to think about HOW a piece of text, whether it be prose, poetry or drama, is actually written. The focus is on analysing the language and techniques used by the writer and commenting on the effectiveness of these features. The packs themselves come in 3 levels of difficulty, with each pack consisting of TEN separate Textual Analysis assignments each totalling 30 marks. The texts to be analysed will be made up from poetry, drama or prose and will be accompanied by a series of questions. This pack is ideally suited to a higher level of study or as preparation for those students intending to do the Higher or the new CFE Higher examinations. The texts and questions will require students to demonstrate a secure understanding of key elements, central concerns, significant and complex details of the texts. Students will be required to explain accurately, and in detail, the ways in which aspects of style, structure and language contribute to a text’s overall meaning and impact. Students will also be required to understand and demonstrate appropriate usage of complex critical terminology and substantiate answers with detailed and relevant evidence from the texts themselves.

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