S4 Maths General Revision Pack

This pack follows topics / headings in M.I.A. 4A.

A further resource of top quality General Level material. Although linked to the MIA 4A book, this pack misses out some of the more obscure topics and homes in on the make-or-break ones.      

Lots of practice in  ....

  • trigonometry,
  • equations,
  • variation,
  • fractions/decimals/      
  • percentages,
  • volume,
  • similarity,
  • ratio & proportion,
  • circle,
  • formulae,
  • gradient, etc.      

Also ..... worksheets covering all the new statistics content in General Mathematics.        

Link this with the S3 pack and produce a considerable course resource for General Mathematics.

Pack Contains ....  41 worksheets + separate answer sheets.   

Code: MS4GRP Price: £10.00