Level 3 Maths Homework Pack

This pack consists of approximately 33 exercises (1 exercise at each of the three sub levels for each topic of the Level 3 course) amounting to around 65 – 70 pages of work in total. There are separate homeworks for each topic with the exception of "short" topics which are incorporated into other exercises. For example, Rounding is included in Number Processes.

The exercises in this pack are differentiated over three sub levels.

Pack contains

  • 11 homework exercises at the Groundwork Sub Level
  • 11 homework exercises at the Core Sub Level
  • 11 homework exercises at the Extension Sub Level

Sub Level descriptions

Groundwork: The content of this is mainly pre Level 3. It is aimed at students who may struggle with the core content of Level 3, but who would be covering the same topics as those on the core Level 3 course.

Core: As its name suggests, this covers the core content of Level 3 with the exception of the most demanding outcomes and experiences.

Extension: Aimed at stretching the more able students with more demanding applications of level 3 content (and very occasional level 4 content). There is an emphasis on problem solving.

This homework pack comes complete with answers.


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