Subject areas: Maths and English

Pegasys Home Study produce a range of study materials, past papers and homework packs to help students studying English and Mathematics. We are continuously adding to our range of materials and will be extending the range to cover the sciences and Business Studies in the near future.


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English Language

We are offering 5 packs of worksheets giving practice in all aspects of English Language, each containing 30 single-sided worksheets which can be used in a variety of ways: to consolidate aspects of language; as revision sheets leading to literacy assessment or as homework sheets. The sheets provide practice in grammar, spelling and punctuation. They develop strategies for more pertinent writing and give the opportunity to write instructions, directions and give practice in form filling. The sheets are user friendly for pupils, students and teachers.

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Close Reading

These packs are intended to enhance the performance of students in close reading which is an essential component of English throughout all stages of learning whether in school or college. There are six packs each containing a selection of twenty close reading passages including both Narrative/Personal and Informative exemplars . Every pack is accompanied with answers.

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Textual Analysis

The purpose of textual analysis is to encourage students to think about how a piece of text, whether it be prose, poetry or drama, is actually written. The focus is on analysing the language and techniques used by the writer and commenting on the effectiveness of these features. The packs themselves come in 3 levels of difficulty, with each pack consisting of ten separate Textual Analysis assignments each totalling 30 marks. The texts to be analysed will be made up from poetry, drama or prose and will be accompanied by a series of questions.

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